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Open Source scientific poster

I’ve been spending a lot of time using open source software recently, and been really impressed by the helpfulness of the open source community and the openness of the software. So, now I’m going to start giving something more substantial back.

This poster was presented at Wessex Society of Ultrasound Regional Anaesthesia annual scientific meeting on Monday. It is a description of our work to improve the pain relief for people with broken hips, but that is not the main purpose for posting it here.

The main reason is so that you can see the finished article here, and then click over to the gist that contains the source code here.

Fascia Iliaca Block Poster

If you want, you can download my gist, and use it to create your own posters. Please be sure to cite appropriate sources, including myself, but mainly the people who made my work possible, such as the people over at  LaTeX beamerposter.